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About the new Driving Test

From Monday the 4th of December 2017 the driving test is changing, so what is going to be different?

The 4 changes are as follows :

1) The Independent driving part of the test will be increased to 20 minutes, The Independent drive has been part of the test for the last few years but up until December it lasts for 10 minutes, this is set to increase.

2) Following directions from a Sat Nav. During the Independent drive most candidates may be asked to follow directions from a Sat Nav. The Examiner will set it up and also set the route. You will still be able to ask the examiner for confirmation on instructions and as before it wont matter if you accidentally go the wrong way.

3) The reversing manoeuvres are changing, you will no longer be asked to do a `Turn in the road` or `reverse around the corner` (however your instructor will still teach these), instead you will be asked to either ;

* Parallel park

* Park in a bay, either by reversing in and driving out or driving in and reversing out

* Pull up on the right, reverse 2 car lengths then move off safely

4) Answering a vehicle safety question while driving, during your drive the examiner will ask you 2 of the show me, tell me questions. Previously these have been asked at the very beginning before the drive commenced but now will happen during the drive.