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A carbon neutral driving school

eco-drive is committed to reducing our Carbon Footprint by adopting as many environmentally friendly practices as applicable and achievable within our overall goal to teach driving in an economical and environmentally friendly fashion. Where we are unable to do this completely (for example, running a car!) we will offset the carbon usage.

The following explains what we are doing to help keep our carbon conscience clean!

All mileage done in our car (whether business or personal) is offset with The Offset Carbon Company who we believe provide a very effective and admirable method of offsetting.

We use a laptop computer in our office instead of a desktop because they use far less energy and offset all our electrical usage with The Offset Carbon Company.

Our roof sign is aerodynamically shaped to reduce drag and the negative effect on MPG (miles per gallon).

Wherever possible we use consumables (like paper, ink etc) that are made out of recycled materials and/or can be recycled after use.